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What I am offering is supporting people in transitioning into a new phase of life by creating and guiding them through a “Rites of Passage” - an experience helping them to release and honor what has been, to enter a new phase of life and its opportunities. 


The foundation of the work is to help people track which stories they live by, and discover what their mythical map looks like. As they detect their subconscious stories and beliefs, they can begin to transform them and become the storyteller instead of the story. In this way, this work is perhaps best described as cartography for the soul. Primarily, helping people to become a cartographer of their own soul, rather than handing that authority over to me. This gives people a solid connection to their internal compass, and their inner natural world, that they can rely on throughout their lives.

Private sessions

The majority of my clients seek out this work either because they are working through relational wounds, don’t feel that they are happy with how they live their lives, or are in a transition period.

This can be related to a diagnosis, burn-out, finishing a job or getting fired, a difficult breakup, the process of coming out, entering menopause, becoming a parent, or simply a sense of dissatisfaction in life. These events may agitate fears or the feeling that they don’t feel like they have gotten in contact with their purpose or dreams. Or perhaps they realize they are living someone else's dream or are following an old pattern.

The healing work I offer is, at its core, about exploring how to live life in a way that feels more truthful and connected.

Why do people seek out this work?

Sessions vary depending on what is present for a client.  The intention is to investigate and illuminate the spiritual and energetic aspects of that theme. 

Together we go into an inquiry to feel into what theme carries the most tension and affects them the most in their everyday lives. They are then guided into a process where they are allowed to feel where the theme lives in their body on a physical level, on an emotional level, as well as any core beliefs, and memories related to it.​ From there, I discern which healing modalities could support them in the best way.

A central healing modality I use is a process called “Sacred Drama”, where they are allowed to have an embodied experience of an aspect of themselves or have a soul dialogue with someone in their life, even with an ancestor. 

Since the root cause of our challenges may not only be individual, but generational, ancestral healing work may be essential.

The work can also include tracking for and cutting energetic cords which may affect relationships in their life, and/or helping them to energetically release the imprints no longer needed or wished for. 

Soul retrieval or retrieval of a lost instinct may also be included. If so, they are taken through a process to have a felt sense experience that retrieved power, in order to understand how to embody it and allow it to inform their way of living.


An important focus of my work is also teaching people practices and rituals that they can do on a regular basis to "reprogram" and re-align themselves as they go through these rites of passage as a way of continuing to integrate and cultivate the process we worked with in a session. 


The rituals I recommend are always adapted to the individual, the work that has been done, and what is realistic and easy for them to practice on a regular basis.

What is a session like?

Sessions are available online or in-person. 

A private session is approximately 2 hours long and the fee is €130.

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Are you interested in receiving private sessions within an immersive retreat on Menorca Island, Spain? 
solo retreat

”Deciding to explore my personal evolution together with Robin has been and is one of my best choices in life. With him, you can share absolutely everything you feel or want to express. He has a great capacity to listen and to offer simple yet accurate guidance to help you find what you need at the time. He gently facilitates the path that you have to go through. He provides exercises that allow you to maintain the evolution of your personal process, yet advance at your own pace while respecting your routines in your everyday life. Robin helps you to flow, to be you, and to discover who you really are. It's like being born again – a process of letting go of the old and receiving what blossoms in each session. With Robin you find the "teacher" that many of us would have wanted to have when growing up. He generates trust through authenticity and generosity. I am grateful to life for having met him and for being a great help in the exciting process of being myself.”

- Teresa


“Since I started working with Robin, I feel a clear before and after. I have grown with each experience and they have greatly changed the way I see, feel, and observe situations and people in my life. My last session was very special – a moment of healing and liberation from the guilt, fear, and insecurity I have lived with for so long. I am eternally grateful.”

- Sabrina


"The work that I have done with Robin has been very strengthening and empowering for me as a person. Through our work together I am now able to:

- Identify emotional ties with my siblings, my mother, and my friends. My personal relationships have therefore improved.

- I have learned to trust and listen to my intuitive intelligence.

- I have gained peace of mind. It is easy for me now to identify the emotional causes of my experiences and I now have the tools to work on them”

- Gloria


"Robin has helped me to connect with my essence. He has taught me how to explore myself and how to live more in reciprocity with others. He has taught me how to accept myself, how to face my fears, trust my abilities, feel safe with my emotions, and how to cultivate presence in everyday life.”

- Tico


"The session with Robin gave me more clarity, inner strength, and a powerful ritual that I continuously carry out in day-to-day life. The deepest effects were recognizable in hindsight several months later when I found a new pathway of love
in my relationship with my mother. It enabled me to heal my mother-wound that was keeping me back for a long time. I’ll be eternally grateful to Robin and his invaluable work."

- Max


I frequently hear from clients that they see whatever situation they are having in their life with more perspective- there is a lightness, they take things less personally, and relationships get easier.


People report getting a deeper understanding of themselves, and creating a stronger experience of who they are beyond the roles and labels they were given. 


Many say they are able to live their everyday life with more of a sense of ease and trust because they can have some distance from whatever is happening- They have tools to come into their own center and  therefore can relate to others and situations differently.

What do people experience as a result of this work?

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