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Together, We Create a Space to Guide You in Remembering Your True Self.

Private sessions

I specialize in guiding individuals through life transitions by creating and facilitating personalized 'Rites of Passage.' These transformative experiences help participants honor and release the past, paving the way for new opportunities and phases in life.

At the heart of this work lies the exploration of personal narratives and the unveiling of one's 'mythical map.' By identifying and understanding their subconscious stories and beliefs, individuals can begin to reshape and take control of their narratives. This transformative journey empowers them to become the storyteller of their own lives.

In essence, my role can be likened to that of a soul cartographer. Rather than holding the map for them, I assist people in charting their own path, fostering a deep connection to their inner compass and natural world—a resource they can rely on throughout their lives.

Many seek my guidance during times of relational challenges, life transitions, or when feeling disconnected from their authentic selves. Whether facing a medical diagnosis, burnout, or a major life change, these moments often trigger feelings of purposelessness or living a life out of alignment.

My work is about reconnecting you with what truly matters, bridging the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be, and fostering a life that feels authentically yours.

Why Choose This Path?

Each session is a bespoke experience tailored to your current needs, focusing on exploring the spiritual and energetic dimensions of your chosen focus.

Starting with an inquiry, we identify the most impactful themes in your life. You'll be guided to connect with these themes on physical, emotional, and cognitive levels, uncovering associated beliefs and memories. Based on this exploration, I select healing modalities to best support your journey.

Unlocking Inner Wisdom
You'll engage in carefully designed processes aimed at guiding you towards an altered state of consciousness. These processes will shine a light on the limiting beliefs and outdated narratives stored in your subconscious, focusing specifically on the theme we choose to address. Through these modalities, you'll have the opportunity to reconnect with and embrace forgotten or hidden aspects of yourself. Moreover, you'll learn to embody a natural instinct that can offer support on your journey. The ultimate goal of these processes is to help you reclaim your instinctual nature, deepen your intuitive intelligence, and cultivate a stronger sense of trust in yourself and in life.

Breathwork and Energy Medicine
Each session integrates specific breathwork and energy medicine techniques. These methods are tailored to release any lingering energetic imprints associated with the theme we're addressing. The aim is to align your being, bringing about an empowered balance within you.

Personalized Practices for Lasting Growth
An integral part of my approach is to empower you with personalized practices and rituals tailored to support your ongoing growth beyond our sessions. These rituals are designed to resonate with your unique journey, the transformative work we've done together, and your ability to maintain consistent practice.

What to Expect in a Session?

Experience Deep Transformation: Personalized Sessions Online and In-Person. Each session offers two hours of dedicated support, plus ongoing guidance during the integration period. Payment for the session is not just a financial transaction; it's also an agreement you make with yourself to implement the changes discovered during our time together into your everyday life. All for €180.

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Journey to Wholeness: Discover Healing Session Bundles

  • Three-Session Package: Dive deeper into your healing journey with a series of three personalized sessions, spaced over a period of 3 months to ensure consistent progress and integration of insights. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals, providing focused support and guidance. Price: €500

  • Five-Session Package: Experience comprehensive support and transformation with a series of five personalized sessions, spread out over a period of 6 months. This package offers ample time for deep exploration and growth, allowing you to address various aspects of your healing journey and integrate lasting changes. Price: €800

  • Ten-Session Package: Fully immerse yourself in healing and growth with a series of ten personalized sessions, spanning a period of one year. This extended journey provides dedicated support and guidance as you navigate significant transformations and milestones, empowering you to create profound and lasting change in your life. Price: €1500

Are you interested in receiving private sessions within an immersive retreat on Menorca Island, Spain? 
HEALING retreatS

"Embarking on my personal evolution with Robin has been life-changing. He listens attentively and offers insightful guidance tailored to my needs. With gentle encouragement, he provides exercises for growth that fit seamlessly into my daily life. Robin helps me flow authentically, guiding me toward self-discovery with each session. It's like a rebirth, shedding the old and embracing the new. Robin is the mentor many of us wish we had growing up, building trust through authenticity and generosity. I'm grateful for his invaluable support in my journey."

- Teresa


"Since beginning my work with Robin, I've experienced a clear transformation. Each session has helped me grow, profoundly shifting my perspective on how I see, feel, and understand situations and people in my life. My recent session was particularly impactful, offering healing and liberation from long-held guilt, fear, and insecurity. I'm eternally grateful."

- Sabrina


"The work I've done with Robin has been incredibly empowering for me. Through our sessions, I've been able to identify and strengthen emotional connections with my siblings, mother, and friends, which has led to improved personal relationships. Additionally, I've developed trust in and learned to listen to my intuitive intelligence. This has allowed me to attain peace of mind by identifying emotional triggers and gaining the tools to address them."

- Gloria


"Robin has guided me in reconnecting with my essence. He's shown me how to delve into self-exploration and live more harmoniously with others. Under his guidance, I've learned self-acceptance, faced my fears, trusted my abilities, and felt secure with my emotions. He's also helped me cultivate presence in my everyday life."

- Tico


"My session with Robin provided me with clarity, inner strength, and a powerful ritual that I've integrated into my daily life. The most profound impact became evident months later when I discovered a new pathway of love in my relationship with my mother. It enabled the healing of a long-standing mother-wound that had held me back. I'll always be grateful to Robin for his invaluable work."

- Max


Clients often describe our work together as transformative, providing them with fresh perspectives and a newfound sense of lightness. Relationships often improve, and many report a deeper understanding of themselves, moving beyond assigned roles and labels. By gaining distance from challenges and equipping themselves with personalized practices, they navigate life with greater ease, confidence, and trust.

What Results can I expect?

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