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Greetings, I'm Robin.

With over 13 years immersed in healing arts, I've served as a Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Educator. Since 2018, my focus has shifted towards embodied, transpersonal healing practices.

Guided by the wisdom of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, I've also been deeply inspired by other luminaries in the field including Marcela Lobos, Richard Rudd, Daniel Foor, Gregg Braden, and Tiokasin Ghosthorse.





My work as a Healing Artist is deeply relational, focusing on guiding others to foster healthy connections with themselves, their loved ones, communities, and the wider tapestry of life. This journey has been fueled by my life's central quest: understanding how to relate authentically to myself, to others, and the world around me.

While many events have shaped my path, I'll share a few pivotal moments that illuminate both my background and my passion for this work.

From a young age, I found myself pondering life's big questions: "What is life asking of me?" and "Is it okay for me to be myself?" I often felt out of sync with societal norms, striving to fit into predefined roles and expectations.

One transformative experience occurred when I was just 17. On a serene summer day, while planting apple trees, a sudden tornado emerged from the forest. It enveloped me, filling my senses with swirling soil and leaving me gasping for air. Amidst this chaos, I looked up to see a clear blue sky in the tornado's eye, feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and trust. This encounter wasn't just a fleeting moment; it ignited a curiosity that led me toward a path of personal responsibility and self-discovery.

Fast forward to my late twenties in Stockholm, Sweden. Balancing a full schedule of client work, yoga teaching, and training facilitation, I faced another crossroads. A breakup, coupled with health challenges, led me to a cranio-sacral therapy session. The experience was profound: energy surged within me, triggering intense physical convulsions. Though frightening, I knew deep down this was a pivotal moment. A clear inner voice echoed, warning, "Change your life, or you'll lose it."

This wake-up call prompted significant shifts. I began setting healthier boundaries and embracing my true self and sexual identity. Recognizing my energetic sensitivity, I stepped back from manual therapy, understanding how my lack of energetic boundaries had impacted my well-being.


The mysterious energetic shakings persisted, often arising during meditation or after yoga sessions. Embracing them as transformative processes, I continued my journey with a growing curiosity to understand myself and others deeply. Over the years, my energetic experiences have taught me that my sensitivity and clear feeling, which I once perceived as weaknesses, are strengths that I can use to support others. As a Healing Artist, I bring this unique blend of sensitivity and understanding to my practice, helping clients navigate their transformative journeys.

Over the years, I've delved into the complexities and beauties of our existence. Some aspects of our experience defy rational explanation. Perhaps, instead of endlessly seeking to decipher life's mysteries, we're meant to accept them? While I occasionally offer physical therapy services, my approach has evolved, grounded in this newfound perspective.

Life's journeys offer us fresh insights with each step we take. As we navigate our inner landscapes, we're continually presented with opportunities to grow, learn, and connect more authentically with ourselves and the world around us.

How I came to do this work

we're meant to accept them?"

to decipher life's mysteries,

"Perhaps, instead of endlessly seeking

Understanding My Approach

My work is deeply experiential, designed to guide you on a transformative journey. Let's explore what this means for you:

Holistic Understanding

At the heart of my practice is the belief that we are an integral part of nature. As you cultivate this awareness, you'll gain a fresh perspective on yourself and your life. This shift nurtures a sense of safety and trust, turning your perception from life happening to you, to life happening for you. The result? A newfound lightness in navigating challenges and enhanced relationships in all areas of your life.


Dive Deep into Self-Understanding

We go beyond surface-level realities to uncover the profound influences of early experiences and cultural conditioning on your identity. Through this exploration, you'll learn to shed limiting narratives and transform wounds into sources of power and compassion.


Crafting Your Narrative

You're not defined by your past narratives; they are scripts you've authored. Embracing your role as the author of your story allows you to break free from past constraints and craft a new narrative aligned with your true essence. Here, you become the storyteller, not just a character in a story.


Release and Transform

By letting go of attachments to old scripts, you create space for growth, healing, and transformation. This openness enables you to transcend suffering, cultivate compassion, and appreciate life's unfolding journey.


Step into Empowerment

Ready to step into a new story of empowerment and possibility? Together, we'll explore new horizons, embracing openness to new experiences and fostering a life that resonates with your true self.

About my work

"Embarking on my personal evolution with Robin has been life-changing. He listens attentively and offers insightful guidance tailored to my needs. With gentle encouragement, he provides exercises for growth that fit seamlessly into my daily life. Robin helps me flow authentically, guiding me toward self-discovery with each session. It's like a rebirth, shedding the old and embracing the new. Robin is the mentor many of us wish we had growing up, building trust through authenticity and generosity. I'm grateful for his invaluable support in my journey."

- Teresa


"Since beginning my work with Robin, I've experienced a clear transformation. Each session has helped me grow, profoundly shifting my perspective on how I see, feel, and understand situations and people in my life. My recent session was particularly impactful, offering healing and liberation from long-held guilt, fear, and insecurity. I'm eternally grateful."

- Sabrina


"The work I've done with Robin has been incredibly empowering for me. Through our sessions, I've been able to identify and strengthen emotional connections with my siblings, mother, and friends, which has led to improved personal relationships. Additionally, I've developed trust in and learned to listen to my intuitive intelligence. This has allowed me to attain peace of mind by identifying emotional triggers and gaining the tools to address them."

- Gloria


"Robin has guided me in reconnecting with my essence. He's shown me how to delve into self-exploration and live more harmoniously with others. Under his guidance, I've learned self-acceptance, faced my fears, trusted my abilities, and felt secure with my emotions. He's also helped me cultivate presence in my everyday life."

- Tico


"My session with Robin provided me with clarity, inner strength, and a powerful ritual that I've integrated into my daily life. The most profound impact became evident months later when I discovered a new pathway of love in my relationship with my mother. It enabled the healing of a long-standing mother-wound that had held me back. I'll always be grateful to Robin for his invaluable work."

- Max

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