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Greetings, I'm Robin.

For many years I have worked as a Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Educator. I have been working with clients in a healing arts-based practice for 13 years now.  Since 2018, the focus of my practice has gradually transitioned to embodied, transpersonal healing work.

My main teacher is Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Other teachers who have inspired me greatly are Daniel Foor, Richard Rudd, Marcela Lobos, and Tiokasin Ghosthorse.



Solo Retreat


The work I offer is relational, meaning supporting others to come into a right relationship with themselves, their loved ones, communities and the greater web of life. The central questions and challenges I have always had in life have been about how to relate to myself, to others and the world. To explain how I ended up doing this work, I naturally need to share parts of my personal story. 

There are many events that have guided me here, but to not write a book I choose here to share only a few that are more significant. Hopefully this will help you understand where I come from, but also my motivation to do this work. 


From an early age I remember asking myself questions like “What is life asking of me?” and “Is it ok for me to be who I am?”. I remember feeling that I didn't quite fit in, and I did my best to fit into the stereotypes of society.

When I was 17 I had an experience that had a great impact on my life. It was on a beautiful summer day, working on a field planting apple trees, when the wind suddenly picked up and a tornado came out from the forest. It sucked up all the black soil and it grew in size and noise. I started running away to escape it but it eventually caught me. Inside the tornado, I struggled keeping my balance, with soil filling my nose and mouth making it difficult to breathe. I remember thinking “this is the moment when I will die”. I then looked up into the eye of the tornado, where the sky was clear blue and an immense sense of peace and trust flushed over me – a felt sensation that something greater was supporting me. Eventually I got out and the tornado continued. My colleagues all laughed at what had just happened, but for me it was an experience that stayed with me and sparked a curiosity which put me on a path where I felt that I had to take more responsibility for myself and my life. 


Fast forward to when I was 28 years old living in Stockholm, Sweden. After a few years of working with clients during the daytime, teaching yoga at studios in the evenings and facilitating teacher training on the weekends, I came to another threshold in my life. My relationship with my long-time girlfriend had ended and I was about to face what I had been running away from most of my life. After a period of rare health issues, a colleague offered me a session in cranio-sacral therapy. During the treatment, I felt energy beginning to surge through the core of my being and my body started to uncontrollable shake, going into strong convulsions. My body flew off the treatment bench, and although it was scary, a part of me knew that what happened, needed to happen. When I stepped out of the treatment room, an inner knowing flashed through me, like a clear voice telling me “If you don't change the way you live your life, you will die”.

After this event I immediately started to make changes in my life. I started to work less, communicate my boundaries with others and I slowly began accepting myself and my sexual identity. I stopped offering manual physical therapy treatments to clients, since I then began to realize my energetic sensitivity and how my lack of energetic boundaries with others had been affecting my health.

The energetic shakings and convulsions continued, always appearing when I meditated or relaxed after a yoga or movement practice. Although I didn't understand what they were, I learnt to become friends with them since the feeling remained that “it was something in need of happening”. These energetic convulsions are still with me to this day, and they are what have fuelled my curiosity to gain a deeper and more holistic understanding of myself and others.

As I have immersed myself for years in my quest for answers, I have come to recognize the complexity as well as the beauty of our existence. There are things about our experience that the rational mind will never understand. Instead of tirelessly trying to solve the mystery, maybe the mystery is rather something that simply needs to be accepted? Although I occasionally still offer services as a physical therapist, I now approach the practice from a very different perspective.

With every journey we do in this world we gain new perspectives. So we do as we travel through our inner landscape.

How I came to do this work

multifaceted perspective on life?

to explore a more colorful and

What is there to lose,

I offer energy medicine and transpersonal healing work that is rooted in nature-based spirituality.

So what is it like? I will do my best to articulate something which is experiential in nature: 

In essence, this work is about creating a stronger understanding of oneself and their holistic nature; Understanding that they are a part of nature and not separate from it.

As one learns to cultivate this awareness, they can find ways to relate to themself and their life with more perspective and trust. 

The practice develops more safety within oneself and in their life as one comes to see how life is something that happens for them, rather than happening to them. 

As a result, there is a lightness that develops in people as they take things less personally. With that, their relationships begin to get easier at work, and with family, friends, and significant others.

About my work

”Deciding to explore my personal evolution together with Robin has been and is one of my best choices in life. With him, you can share absolutely everything you feel or want to express. He has a great capacity to listen and to offer simple yet accurate guidance to help you find what you need at the time. He gently facilitates the path that you have to go through. He provides exercises that allow you to maintain the evolution of your personal process, yet advance at your own pace while respecting your routines in your everyday life. Robin helps you to flow, to be you, and to discover who you really are. It's like being born again – a process of letting go of the old and receiving what blossoms in each session. With Robin you find the "teacher" that many of us would have wanted to have when growing up. He generates trust through authenticity and generosity. I am grateful to life for having met him and for being a great help in the exciting process of being myself.”

- Teresa


“Since I started working with Robin, I feel a clear before and after. I have grown with each experience and they have greatly changed the way I see, feel, and observe situations and people in my life. My last session was very special – a moment of healing and liberation from the guilt, fear, and insecurity I have lived with for so long. I am eternally grateful.”

- Sabrina


"The work that I have done with Robin has been very strengthening and empowering for me as a person. Through our work together I am now able to:

- Identify emotional ties with my siblings, my mother, and my friends. My personal relationships have therefore improved.

- I have learned to trust and listen to my intuitive intelligence.

- I have gained peace of mind. It is easy for me now to identify the emotional causes of my experiences and I now have the tools to work on them”

- Gloria


"Robin has helped me to connect with my essence. He has taught me how to explore myself and how to live more in reciprocity with others. He has taught me how to accept myself, how to face my fears, trust my abilities, feel safe with my emotions, and how to cultivate presence in everyday life.”

- Tico


"The session with Robin gave me more clarity, inner strength, and a powerful ritual that I continuously carry out in day-to-day life. The deepest effects were recognizable in hindsight several months later when I found a new pathway of love
in my relationship with my mother. It enabled me to heal my mother-wound that was keeping me back for a long time. I’ll be eternally grateful to Robin and his invaluable work."

- Max

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