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robin tåg
  • Robin Tåg

The Path of an EarthKeeper

Someone who is dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth and all of life, can be considered an Earthkeeper. An EarthKeeper is someone who chooses to hold a dream of a planet where all beings live in right relationship, and where the rivers and the air are clean. But how can an individual like you and me, with all our challenges and flaws, begin to take on this stewardship? I am probably not alone in having felt small and powerless at times, not knowing how I could possibly contribute to a better world and future. What I have come to learn however, is that the path of an Earthkeeper begins with the stewardship of their own body. If we welcome the perspective that all of life is interconnected, taking care of our bodies and our holistic sense of well-being, is how we are also showing care for the Earth. Because can we truly respect the Earth and all of life, if we don’t respect ourselves first? I personally believe that changes for a more thriving future first needs to happen locally, around the small fires, within ourselves, our families and our communities. If each individual were able to reconnect with their own inherent nature, I do believe that we as a collective would be more capable of living in relation with the natural world. When coming into right relationship with ourselves, we become more capable of living in right relationship with our loved ones, our communities and with all of life.

I am not sure how this resonates with you, but for me, this perspective helps me to connect with a fundamental purpose in both my personal and professional life. It as a way of attuning with a tree root consciousness, instead of a grass root mentality. Most things in this world we cannot control (nor should we), but tending to our own garden and that of our community is something we actually can take on a stewardship of.

So could it be, that taking on the stewardship of our own well-being, is the foundation for our stewardship of the Earth?


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