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robin tåg
  • Robin Tåg

Practicing Truth

I am sure you have heard the expression ”walk your talk”. It is one thing to talk about ”walking your talk”, but another thing to actually practice it. Practicing ”walking our talk” can be described as finding congruence between who we say we are and who we really know ourselves to be. It is the practice of speaking and creating truth, instead of searching for it. It also implies having the intention of bringing truth to every situation we find ourselves in. A teacher of mine once said, that when we speak truth and practice truth, eventually everything we say becomes true.

This is easier said than done, but it’s practice that has become very important to me.

For many years, I did my very best to hide and protect my truth from the outer world, even from the ones that were closest to me. I did this, because I then believed that revealing my truth would not be safe. I know very well how it feels in my body, when there is not a congruence between what I say or do, and who I really know myself to be – a felt sense of something being completely off inside. On the contrary, living aligned with truth, is an experience of liberation.

I truly believe that, each time we experience ourselves coming home within ourselves and our bodies, we develop a greater sensitivity to what truth feels like. Once we have had an experience e of truth, NOT walking the talk will become harder and harder.

Maybe it is so, that the more often we have an experience of truth, whatever that is untrue in our lives will eventually be corrected? Maybe it is so, that truth is that which sets us free?

With loving kindness, Robin


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