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essential in your life.

by the rhythm of what is really

Allow yourself to be carried

I offer embodied, transpersonal healing work that is rooted in nature-based spirituality. I work with people in private sessions, or through solo retreat offered on the beautiful land of Menorca Island in Spain.

Remember the dismembered, or disowned and forgotten aspects of your being, so that you can experience being rooted within yourself and in the world. 

This work is a journey of discovery within the internal landscape to illuminate the hidden gardens and retrieve the gifts waiting to be found there. 

It is about re-membering the innocent, yet instinctive and wild forgotten being within us which is part of the circle of life and not separate from it. 

As we bring all the “members” of our being into right relationship, we also begin to live more in reciprocity with others and all of life.

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”Deciding to explore my personal evolution together with Robin has been and is one of my best choices in life. With him, you can share absolutely everything you feel or want to express. He has a great capacity to listen and to offer simple yet accurate guidance to help you find what you need at the time. He gently facilitates the path that you have to go through. He provides exercises that allow you to maintain the evolution of your personal process, yet advance at your own pace while respecting your routines in your everyday life. Robin helps you to flow, to be you, and to discover who you really are. It's like being born again – a process of letting go of the old and receiving what blossoms in each session. With Robin you find the "teacher" that many of us would have wanted to have when growing up. He generates trust through authenticity and generosity. I am grateful to life for having met him and for being a great help in the exciting process of being myself.”

- Teresa


“Since I started working with Robin, I feel a clear before and after. I have grown with each experience and they have greatly changed the way I see, feel, and observe situations and people in my life. My last session was very special – a moment of healing and liberation from the guilt, fear, and insecurity I have lived with for so long. I am eternally grateful.”

- Sabrina


"The work that I have done with Robin has been very strengthening and empowering for me as a person. Through our work together I am now able to:

- Identify emotional ties with my siblings, my mother, and my friends. My personal relationships have therefore improved.

- I have learned to trust and listen to my intuitive intelligence.

- I have gained peace of mind. It is easy for me now to identify the emotional causes of my experiences and I now have the tools to work on them”

- Gloria


"Robin has helped me to connect with my essence. He has taught me how to explore myself and how to live more in reciprocity with others. He has taught me how to accept myself, how to face my fears, trust my abilities, feel safe with my emotions, and how to cultivate presence in everyday life.”

- Tico


"The session with Robin gave me more clarity, inner strength, and a powerful ritual that I continuously carry out in day-to-day life. The deepest effects were recognizable in hindsight several months later when I found a new pathway of love
in my relationship with my mother. It enabled me to heal my mother-wound that was keeping me back for a long time. I’ll be eternally grateful to Robin and his invaluable work."

- Max


Greetings, my name is Robin Tåg. I am a Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Educator and Transpersonal Healing Therapist from Finland. I am one of the co-owners and main educators at the Nordic Yoga Institute in Sweden. Since 2019 I live on Minorca Island (Spain) where I offer private sessions and host solo retreats.


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