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transform your wounds and

I specialize in embodied, transpersonal healing rooted in the wisdom of nature-based spirituality. Through private sessions, workshops, and personalized healing retreats, I guide individuals on transformative journeys towards a more empowered life.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, delving deep to unearth the forgotten or hidden parts within yourself, eagerly awaiting your embrace.

My approach serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards reclaiming your authentic, instinctive, and untamed essence.

This transformative odyssey ignites the profound realization that we are all intricately woven into the tapestry of life, an integral part of its vibrant fabric. By harmonizing all facets of your being, you'll forge deeper and more meaningful connections, fostering reciprocity with both others and the world that surrounds you.

As your inner world undergoes a metamorphosis, a ripple effect radiates outwards, touching and transforming the world around you.

Join me in unlocking a richer, more harmonious existence—one where you're not merely surviving, but thriving in alignment with your true nature.

Welcome to a journey where every step brings you closer to a more authentic life.

Discover Your Wholeness


PRIVATE sessions

HEALING retreats


"Embarking on my personal evolution with Robin has been life-changing. He listens attentively and offers insightful guidance tailored to my needs. With gentle encouragement, he provides exercises for growth that fit seamlessly into my daily life. Robin helps me flow authentically, guiding me towards self-discovery with each session. It's like a rebirth, shedding the old and embracing the new. Robin is the mentor many of us wish we had growing up, building trust through authenticity and generosity. I'm grateful for his invaluable support in my journey."

- Teresa


"Since beginning my work with Robin, I've experienced a clear transformation. Each session has helped me grow, profoundly shifting my perspective on how I see, feel, and understand situations and people in my life. My recent session was particularly impactful, offering healing and liberation from long-held guilt, fear, and insecurity. I'm eternally grateful."

- Sabrina


"The work I've done with Robin has been incredibly empowering for me. Through our sessions, I've been able to identify and strengthen emotional connections with my siblings, mother, and friends, which has led to improved personal relationships. Additionally, I've developed trust in and learned to listen to my intuitive intelligence. This has allowed me to attain peace of mind by identifying emotional triggers and gaining the tools to address them."

- Gloria


"Robin has guided me in reconnecting with my essence. He's shown me how to delve into self-exploration and live more harmoniously with others. Under his guidance, I've learned self-acceptance, faced my fears, trusted my abilities, and felt secure with my emotions. He's also helped me cultivate presence in my everyday life."

- Tico


"My session with Robin provided me with clarity, inner strength, and a powerful ritual that I've integrated into my daily life. The most profound impact became evident months later when I discovered a new pathway of love in my relationship with my mother. It enabled healing of a long-standing mother-wound that had held me back. I'll always be grateful to Robin for his invaluable work."

- Max


Greetings, I'm Robin Tåg, a Healing Artist hailing from Finland. With a diverse background as a Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Educator, and Transpersonal Healing Therapist, I offer a broad spectrum of perspectives and comprehensive understanding to enrich my practice. Alongside my role as one of the co-owners and main educators at the Nordic Yoga Institute in Sweden, I've been dedicated to guiding individuals on their paths to holistic well-being.

Since 2019, I've made Menorca Island, Spain, my home, where I offer private healing sessions and host personalized healing retreats.

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