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  • Robin Tåg

True Release

Whenever we recognize ourselves feeling stagnant or in a need of change or transformation, releasing that which feels old or untrue can come as a natural instinct or desire. In these moments, it is however easy to be seduced by the thought that a ”letting go” will naturally happen when we have that which is missing or lacking. Maybe when I have that new friend or partner, or when I have that new job or taken that new course? In some cases this might actually help us to move on, but it can also just become a temporary distraction. If we are always looking for what is lacking, there is a chance we will never be truly fulfilled. A True Release, or a true letting go, is however considered to be something that comes from Trusting the Fluidity of Life. It comes with the understanding that in the same way a river needs banks to flow through, we might need some boundaries that direct our thinking and behavior to facilitate a change. A water pipe with too many drainage holes, will not be able to release the energy of the waters to one direction. If we open every door in the corridor of life, we might feel scattered and lost along the way.

Something that has been important for me this last year has been to simplify in order to really discover and experience what feels true and genuine for me. The restrictions imposed upon us by the expectations of society can easily dimm our own light within. What it means to simplify can of course mean very different things for all of us. As an example, one of the things it has meant for me personally has been stay off social media.

Could it be, that as we simplify and focus on what feels true and important, we are able to flow with the waves of change with more ease?

Metaphorically speaking, I like to see Intention as the banks of the river that guide the waters where they need to go. As you hold up the mirror of your essential self, I invite you to ask yourself:

  • What keeps you from experiencing the essence of you with clarity and strength?

  • Could it be, that uncovering the light within is what helps you to be fully present in life? During the year to come, I will share practices that can help you to connect with the light within and to trust the fluidity of life. With love, Robin


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