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robin tåg
  • Robin Tåg

The Spiral

From galaxies in the sky to diminutive shells at the beach, the spiral is found extensively in the natural world. Its shape in the form of a coiled serpent has been used since ancient times as a tool for growth and transformation. The spiral is believed to be an archetypal power, that guides us on our journey towards self-realization – into the depths of our consciousness. Once we have discovered the unknown territories of our inner landscape, the spiral is the force that helps us to extend out and above – beyond the limits of the ordinary to give birth to a new reality. To renew ourselves, we need to, metaphorically speaking, shed our old skin. Sometimes we however might have to pause and make sure that we do not keep scraping away at the old.

Could it be, that for now, you have already shed your old skin? If you find yourself constantly working on your faults, maybe the best thing right now is to break that habit and let nature take its course?

This is an invitation for you to welcome the soft new skin that is growing. New skin can feel vulnerable and scary at times. When we however give it our attention, it will mature and help us to experience reality with new senses.

In which aspect of your life, are you right now on a journey of renewal? How can you welcome it?

With love, Robin


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