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  • Robin Tåg

Living in an Unconditional Relationship With Life

Have you ever had a dream you have wished to pursue, or a need you have recognized a desire for, but in the end you find yourself thinking "...later, when I have the money", or "later when I have the time" or "when my kids have grown up". We might not always catch ourselves finding these excuses since it is what keeps us in our comfort zone.

Before embarking on something new, we so badly want signs that tell us that life assures us of our success. But if we always live in a conditional relationship with life – with a need for assurance of a secured outcome – it might be that our dreams never come into being and that our needs are never met. Living on the other hand, in a Unconditional relationship with Life, means Living in a state of Yes. It means embarking on a journey to love deeply, forgive sincerely, and dare greatly. It means taking a leap without requiring life to assure us of our success. A question that helps me to enter the perspective of Living in a state of Yes, is "What would my future, elderly self advise me to do?". This question brings me to the thought of how I want to look back at my life the day I lay on my deathbed. It helps me to realize what it would mean to live a life without regrets. Currently, I am practicing the concept of Living in a state of Yes by taking the leap of re-branding my website to reflect my nature and the services I provide. My aim is to communicate my offerings more clearly and authentically. As part of this re-branding, I will no longer offer group retreats as extensively as before. Instead, I will focus on Solo or Small Group Retreats that emphasize Healing and Self-Realization. I am eager to share more about this exciting development in a few weeks.

With gratitude Robin


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