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robin tåg
  • Robin Tåg

Beneath the Surface

In ancient China the most prevalent tradition was the natural philosophy of Taoism. Central to Taoism is the notion of the Taothe natural harmonic ”way” or flow of life.

I once heard the Tao being referred as a mythical garden, a kind of Eden, through which the sacred river of life flows. In this analogy, the garden symbolizes our lives and our physical body, and the river, the path of our true destiny.

Like the word Dharma, the tao points towards a quality so subtle and pervasive that it cannot be put into words. It can only really be lived and embodied. it is like a current that flows beneath the surface of our conscious awareness, gently informing us of where we are invited to go, and who we potentially can become.

My experience is that we are so often caught in the drama of our external lives that we miss out on, or even neglect the greater part of our being.

The questions I have been asking myself lately are:

Perhaps the greatest turning point in our lives is the realization of the existence of the inner life? Maybe it is so, that like an iceberg, our true worth lies hidden beneath the surface?

In my upcoming retreats we will explore practical tools which can help you to discover the wisdom and power which lies beneath the surface of the ordinary – practices which can help you to attune with the "natural flow" in your everyday life.

With loving kindness, Robin


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