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An Online Journey
 September 26th-October 31st 2024.
Gain access to a comprehensive online platform featuring on-demand content and live meetings conducted via Zoom.
The Way of the Hero" is an online course designed to help you embody the heroic archetype through yoga, breathwork, guided meditations, journaling, and ceremonies, supported by a community environment. The course invites you to explore and transcend your early experiences and cultural conditioning to transform personal challenges into sources of strength and compassion. By recognizing that past narratives are self-authored scripts, you learn to free yourself from these constraints and craft new, empowering stories. This transformative journey emphasizes openness to new experiences, healing, and growth, ultimately fostering a deeper understanding of the Hero's journey and its application in daily life.

Join the course to awaken your inner Hero and step into a new story of empowerment and possibility.

SPAceholders Immersion
Mastering the Art of Holding Space for Transformational Healing
NEW DATE: October 2nd-6th 2024 on Menorca Island, Spain

Are you a Therapist, Coach, Healing Arts Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Educator, Movement Coach, Bodyworker, or Health Care Specialist?

The essence of a skilled therapist, healing arts practitioner, or teacher lies not in performing healing acts but in creating a nurturing environment where individuals can access their innate capacity to heal, transform, and evolve themselves.

At the heart of our work is the practice of Holding Space.

Holding Space is about creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for both oneself and those seeking our guidance and support. Within this container, individuals feel safe to express themselves, explore emotions, and work through experiences. It involves being fully present and attentive, offering empathy and compassion without trying to fix or control the situation. The essence of Holding Space is to provide a container where people can access their inner wisdom and healing capacities, allowing them to navigate their personal journeys of transformation and growth at their own pace.

I invite you to join me for the Spaceholders Immersion, from October 16-20th at my home, Poblado Corazón, on Menorca Island. This immersion is dedicated to exploring the profound depths of Holding Space from a Transpersonal and Energetic perspective. Designed for those who see themselves as Spaceholders, this inaugural edition will be an intimate event with limited availability for up to 8 participants.


Holding Space for Oneself:

  • One-on-one session with Robin before the Immersion.

  • Understanding the dynamic between Sacred Masculine and Feminine Energy on an energetic and subconscious level.

  • Balancing and embodying the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Energy within.

  • Illuminating limiting beliefs and stories about yourself, such as feelings of non-worthiness and not-enoughness, held within your subconscious mind.

  • Crafting personalized rituals for cultivating energetic resilience and stepping into your power as a Spaceholder.

  • Experiencing being held by nature.

Holding Space for Others:

  • Identifying limiting beliefs about yourself as a Spaceholder, held within the subconscious-feeling mind.

  • Recognizing your strength as a Spaceholder.

  • Exploring the Feminine and Masculine Energetic Containers.

  • Embodying an instinctual, archetypal power to support you in your service as a Spaceholder.

  • Creating a sacred, ceremonial space for yourself, your work, and those you hold space for, tailored to your work, clients/students, and environment.

  • Holding Space as an Energy Medicine Practice.

  • The practice of energy-clearing.

  • Learning about the Wisdom of Spaceholding from Nature. 

This course is designed to help you step into your power and recognize your strengths. As you embrace your own power, your ability to Hold Space for others will naturally develop. This is an optimal opportunity to learn from each other, to help each other recognize and experience each other’s abilities to hold space. Together we learn to Master the Art.

Rate: 1200€

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in a shared bedroom with shared bathroom (2 Pax).

  • 3 Daily Meals: Hearty Breakfast, Afternoon Snack, and Dinner.

  • The Spaceholders Immersion Course Experience.

  • 4 Yoga Sessions.

  • Ceremonies.

  • Excursions.

Not Included:

  • Flights.

  • Airport Transfer (Two options will be provided upon reservation).


By participating in the Spaceholders Immersion, you will unlock the ability to create profound, transformational spaces for yourself and others. You will learn to harness the power of both the Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies, illuminating and overcoming subconscious limiting beliefs that hinder your growth. This course will empower you to embody a balanced, resilient energy, enhancing your personal and professional practice. Through personalized rituals, energy medicine practices, and an intimate, supportive community, you will cultivate a deeper understanding of how to hold space, allowing you to facilitate authentic healing and transformation. This immersion is not just a course; it's a journey into mastering the art of Holding Space, enriching your ability to support and guide others effectively.

Are you curious to delve deeper into this transformative experience?

The Price Includes:

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