The Virya Yoga Method

Virya is the positive energy of ego that is the support for the faith of going in the right direction. This energy of virya puts the power behind your sense of knowing what to do. When you are strongly acting on what you know to be your correct path, that is virya. Virya is that conviction that says, “I can do it! I will do it! I have to do it!
— Richard Rosen

”Virya”, in Sanskrit, means ”enthusiasm”, ”energy”, or ”power”, and the intension with  the Virya Yoga Method is to empower and energize you. Enthusiasm comes with a delightful playfulness that will hopefully inspire you to explore the landscapes of your body and mind. The method includes the following components.

  • Variation: 10 modules with different themes, integrating the body as a unit. 
  • Physical Themes: Through biomechanics principles and a modern anatomical viewpoint we explore asanas and transitions. 
  • Philosophy: Empowering themes to give perspective to and nourish our modern minds
  • Empowerment: "You are welcome, just as you are". Find joy in your practice and ways to practice according to you prerequisites. 

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