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On Patreon I am sharing content on a monthly basis with the intention to inspire and help you to maintain a meaningful and mindful practice. As a supportive member you will take part of playlists, guided meditations, shorter movement practices, community as well as discounts on my other offerings. I look forward to meeting you there!



In BARCELONA or ONLINE through Skype.

These sessions are for you who want to improve your joint health and movement control. Step by step we work with more complex movement patterns in order to develop your bodies intelligence in movement. Using tools from Physical Therapy, Functional Range Conditioning™ (FRC®) , Anatomy Trains® in Motion and the Virya Yoga Method


60 min - 80€
90 min - 110€

For booking or questions, email


Mentorship for Virya Teachers

I offer mentorship to Virya Yoga Teachers who wants to refine their skills as teachers within the following fields:

  • Inspiration and guidance to create and maintain a nourishing self-practice.

  • Practical Anatomy: How to work with anatomical themes in your classes with the purpose of helping your students to create a deeper bodily awareness and trust.

  • Embodied philosophy: How to find a physical expression for your philosophical themes in your classes.

  • Creative Sequencing: We look at how you can work creatively with the Virya Sequences. If you have done the Virya Sequencing Training, we continue to look deeper together at how you can create sequences from a specifik theme or focus, as well for a specifik group.

  • Transitions: How to teach classes focusing on transitions. We look at the theory behind dynamic mobility training, how to find clear instructions and how to sequence.

  • Somatic Meditation: How to guid meditations with the intension of creating a stronger sensory relationship to the internal space of the body.

  • Modified yoga: How to modify yoga asanas or sequences for people in your classes with special needs.


60 min – 70€

Group of 2-4 people:
60 min – 45 € / person

For questions please email