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Spaciousness - Workshop at WELLCO. Barcelona

  • Wellco. Carrer de Pere 4, 29 Unit 6-2 08018 Barcelona Spain (map)

Virya Yoga Workshop with Robin Tåg.

7th of September 18.30-21.00 at Wellco

Explore and Embody a state of Spaciousness

How does the body maintain structural freedom in movement, and how can we attune to qualities of spaciousness within the body?

During this workshop we take a closer look at the Biotensegrity Model, and how it can be used to explain the bodys incredible movement capacity and its ability to maintain form while being exposed to forces in movement. We also explore what it means to truly inhabit the body – how it can help us to create a felt sense awareness of inner space and help us to experience the expression of our own spiritual essence. Join and experience the contrasts of total stillness, freedom of breath and organic, dynamic movement. 

The theme of the workshop will be explored in the following modules: 

- Theme presentation and Centering: Guided Somatic Meditation. 
– Warm up.
– Sun Salutation.
– Standing and Balance poses. 
– Armbalance and core strengthening. 
– Hip mobility. 
– Backbends.
– Forwardsfolds
– Finishing poses. 
– Savasana: Long Guided relaxation together with the sounds of Binaural Beats. 

25€. With Wellco-Pass: 20€.

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