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SPIRALS – Barcelona

  • Wellco Carrer de Pere IV 29 Barcelona Spain (map)

Dynamic Vinyasa and Sound Healing with Robin Tåg


"The cell itself is essentially spherical in form, following this basic tendency of water, and hence all living matter, to unite its parts into a whole. A second law of nature that acts upon all matter is gravity, which irresistibly pulls everything with substance towards the centre of the earth. The interaction of these two tendencies creates movement in the form of downward spiraling. Everywhere in nature this spiral form is present: the shell of a snail, the currents of a meandering stream or a flow of air, the bark of a tree, the unfolding of leaves around the stem of a plant, or the opening of rose petals. As the cells of the human fetus multiply and arrange themselves into distinct structures within the body, they also follow this patterning: the striations within bone tissue spiral downward, enabling the bones to dynamically transfer the force of weight falling to the earth; muscles wrap around the bones in a continuous network of spiraling movement; the heart itself is a muscle which spirals in and around itself; the fluids of the body, too, flow in currents, waves, and gushes, reflecting all the myriad spiraling forms of nature's rivers, oceans, and waterfalls.”  ~ Linda Hartley

In this class we will explore our joints ability to create rotations and how spirals travel through the bodys inner structure in movement. Explore and experience your natural movement capacity through mindful dynamic sequences. We finish in savasana guided by the healing vibrations of the drum.