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Heart of Awareness – Stockholm 18/1

  • Yoga Shakti Högbergsgatan 30A Stockholm Sweden (map)
Sara Costa

Sara Costa

Heart of Awareness

Virya Yoga Workshop with Robin Tåg

Where do we enter this Heart? “I” or “I AM” is the doorway. Put your attention on this “I AM” in the Heart. The mind is busy telling you stories about who this is; the Heart is the knowing itself of your true nature. It is the Heart of Awareness in which we live and move and have our being. It is what continues regardless of the modifiers—the additions from memory, conditioning, and programming—regardless of the thoughts, emotions, moods, or sensations that are in continual flux.
— Dorothy S. Hunt

During this workshop we look into the theme “Heart of Awareness” and how it can be embodied in meditation and in mindful transitions. We practice with the intention of coming closer to the experience of being awake and aware in the breath and in the body – how to feel into a sense of simply being, instead of being ”this” or ”that”. The workshop contains the following:

  • True listening from the Heart of Awareness

    Somatic Meditation a s a tool to explore of the art of Open Listening.

    • Can we listen with our heart to the subtleties of our own experience?

    • Can we listen with our whole body and allow it to be an “ear” for listening?

  • Awake and Aware in Movement

    We look deeper into the practice of integrating slow controlled transitions in yoga.

    • How dynamic repetitive movements can help you to be intimate with the experience of the breath and the movement itself.

    • As a foundation for this exploration we look closer at the relationship between the breath, the segmental movements of the spine and the idea of energetic movements creating stability and expansion.

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