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Fluid State at Yoga Lab Barcelona

  • Yoga Lab Barcelona (map)


Photo Sara Costa

Photo Sara Costa

Yoga Lab Barcelona 27th January 2018

“A fluid body resonates with other Fluid Bodies. It is the Nature of Fluid. You can find that being in this state, brings about a natural empathy towards others. All humans and creatures, are all modelled on the same principle”
— Ged Sumner

Our bodies consist of approximately 70% of water. The body has 100 trillion cells floating in a landscape of connective tissue, and every cell by itself contains a fluid cytoplasma. The inside of the body is in other words fluid by its nature. Despite this, the body can many times be experiences as solid.

During this workshop we will indulge in the practice of creating an increased sensory relationship to the bodys natural ”fluid state”, and explore the qualities of the myofascial body. 


  • How Somatic Meditation can be used to connect to the bodily sense of a natural fluid state. 
  • A brief look at the anatomy and function of the fascial body.
    Dynamic, rhythmical sequences to experience increased fluidity and
    structural communication. 
  • How to play with the contrasts of control and momentum, softness
    and elasticity. 
  • How to implement elastic movement qualities in yoga with the
    intension of promoting gliding and functional resilience in the myofascial body.


  • 35€ (early bird 30€)


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Later Event: February 15
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