Movement Ritual Bundle – Class 1-3


Movement Ritual Bundle – Class 1-3


This Movement Ritual Bundle includes the 3 first classes.

Movement Ritual 1 – Grounding
In this class Robin helps you to create an increased awareness of your bodys connection with the earth as well as improve your mobility in your wrists and ankles.

Movement Ritual 2 – Spine
In this class Robin guides you through a sequence that can help you both discover and improve your spines movement capacity. Duration 45 min.

Movement Ritual 3 – Resilience
In this class we explore bodily resilience – the felt sense of your bodies ability support itself. We play with elastic movement qualities in repetitive dynamic sequences that can help you to experience your body as an integrated unit as well as help you to connect with your breath. Duration 40 min.

Props: Yoga mat, two yoga blocks and a blanket.

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